Proud member of Indian Direct Selling Association since 2018



Having spent close to 25 years working across industries, I have realised that direct selling is indeed a very powerful tool to reach out to the target audience; simply because, it involves a human touch and a personalised approach - which are very impactful any given day.

Over the years I have seen many wonderful products failing to see the light of the day as the innovators are unable to bring them to the marketplace owing to a variety of challenges.

At Blulife, we are committed to bring the most unique and wonderful innovations to our consumers, helping create a win-win situation for both - Our consumers get what they NEED and the innovators get the IDEAL PLATFORM.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY, we strive hard to provide our REAL HEROES - our distributors, all possible opportunities to help realise their dreams and aspirations and convert the possibilities in them into reality.



Sameer J. Nair, Managing Director, Blulife Marketing Pvt. Ltd.




To be the pioneer in health & wellness space by providing need-based products to our customers & distributors, while facilitating every single opportunity to turn the possibility of great health, wealth, success, prosperity and happiness into reality.





We sincerely believe that all of us are BUILT to attain great health, wealth, success, prosperity and happiness. It's just a matter of WE being at the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME, that provides us the RIGHT NOURISHMENT to help turn our GOALS into REALITY!

We at Blulife offer the IDEAL ENVIRONMENT, not just to nourish GREAT HEALTH with our cutting-edge PRODUCTS, but also to help flourish your DREAMS and FINANCIAL ASPIRATIONS, with our incredible SMART BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY! 

All this makes Blulife the PERFECT PLACE to turn the POSSIBILITY in YOU, into a REALITY!