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Blulife protein Shake is a  Healthy Meal plan with 12 Essential Vitamins and 11 Minerals.

  • A Meal Replacement Shake that comes with a High-Quality blend of Soya and Whey Protein that helps support Weight Management.
  • A High Protein diet is known to trigger weight loss more efficiently due to modulations in energy metabolism, appetite, and energy intake.
  • The source of dietary fiber  is Soy and Inulin, that helps lose weight as a part of Calorie Controlled Diet with a sensation of SATIETY and reduced food intake.
  • A low Calorie, tasty and healthy source of Meal Replacement like never before, in Mango Flavor.
  • Blulife Protein Shake has a PDCAAS* score of 1, thereby making it one of the safest choice of Meal Replacement.

* The PDCAAS rating was adopted as "the preferred 'best'" method to determine protein quality by the USFDA and WHO.


ALLERGEN : Contains Milk and Soy


INR 1800
This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent or treat any disease.
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1-2 scoops recommended. Mix 1 level scoop (30g) in 200ml water, milk or beverage of your choice. Blend it well and enjoy your shake. One serving of Blulife Protein Shake provides 105.3 Kcal of energy.


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