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Blulife Natural Soap (100gms)


Our skin and hair on daily basis gets exposed to so many chemicals, water and air based pollutants that cause so much harm. The last thing one needs is to use even more chemicals to clean the already existing chemicals on our body.

It’s about time that we look at natural and herbal options to feel “CLEAN”.

The blulife natural soap gives the feeling of being really “CLEAN” and also nourishes the skin and hair by the presence of natural oils and herbs present in the soap. 



The Blulife Natural Soap is a 100 % natural handmade soap that can be used by all skin types. The soap is made with the purest form of coconut oil and a natural blend of herbs like Triphala, Shikakai, Babachi and ingredients like red sandal and Mitti, making it very beneficial for skin and hair health. It cleanses the skin of toxins and impurities, aids in hair growth and leave you with radiant smooth skin and soft shiny hair.

The Blulife Natural Soap has a Total Fatty Mass (TFM) % of 70. Having a total Glycerine content of about 15%, allows the Blulife Natural Soap to be called as a glycerine soap.

The blulife natural soap is free from detergents, fillers, chemicals, petroleum, high animal fat content (read: sodium tallowate) and irritants like SLS or SLES (sulfates).


INR 135
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